The major US stock indices are set to open mixed

  • NASDAQ index is up 9.92% for the month (best since January 2023 when it rose 10.68%)
  • S&P index is up 7.64% (best since October 2022
  • Dow Industrial Average is up 5.73% (best sinse October 2022)

In premarket trading,

  • Dow industrial average is trading above and below unchanged
  • S&P is up about 0.75%
  • NASDAQ is up 11.2 points

At 10 AM, the US leading index for October is expected to show yet another decline of -0.7%. That comes after a -0.7% decline last month. The last time the leading index was positive was in March 2022.

Focus in the markets will be on the OpenAI saga. More than 500 open AI employees have threatened to resign if the board doesn't reinstate former CEO Sam Altman.