All the worlds growth problems have been papered over and given a fresh lick of paint

What's happened to the oil doom mongers, the euro parity brigade, the Chinese growth and debt bombers, the Fed naysayers, the BOJ bunglers and the Brexit bashers?

It seems things aren't as bad as previously made out, or so the markets think. Nearly everything that goes up when things are great has gone up.

If there's one thing we've seen over the last few years it's that the markets moods come in waves. One minute everything is hunky dory, the next a Chinese PMI goes pop and the world is ending.

Enjoy the moves if you can grab them but pin a note up saying "Has anything changed?" and use it as a reminder that until something actually does change (real higher growth, real higher inflation, to name two), the mood could easily turn sour again. Keep picking the levels where you can define your risk or where it's wise to take some off the table. Don't get sucked in to mood of markets and left behind when they turn.