The general risk off sentiment has come about after the Australia cafe incident, which has been added to by the Belgian news of armed men storming a house this morning and even twitter lighting up after a US flight from London to LA reported an emergency situation and returned back to London

Oil is back down the pan after the Libya bounce and the pound is taking it on the chin as it fell through support at 1.5629 to 1.5613

the yen is seeing safe haven flows too with yen pairs off a large chunk. If the SNB cap wasn’t in place we’d be seeing EUR/CHF reacting to.

It all looks to be too many stories at once and we’re seeing a run to safety on the old “sell first, ask questions later” trade.

For the pound, 1.5590 is the support level to watch if the moves intensify.

GBP/USD H1 chart 15 12 2014 2

GBP/USD H1 chart 15 12 2014

The latest from Sydney is that the siege is over and up to 4 people were stretchered out of the cafe and into ambulances