The dollar continues to keep in a good spot technically

The greenback is trading more mixed and a touch lower on the day but it isn't anything that is too significant as compared to the changes in the past week, or even yesterday.

EUR/USD dipped below 1.1200 for the first time since June 2020 in US trading yesterday but is now holding around 1.1220. The light bounce today means little in the bigger picture as we can clearly see based on how the weekly chart is playing out:

EUR/USD W1 25-11

Dollar bulls are still very much in charge and that is also evident by USD/JPY price action as buyers look to seek a technical break above 115.00 on the week:

USD/JPY W1 25-11

The pair may be down 0.1% today but keep above the 115.00 level and buyers will have a good platform to build upon in search of extending the upside leg from here.

Elsewhere, the dollar is also slightly softer against the pound and loonie so far today but it isn't anything too outstanding. With the Thanksgiving holiday period set to engulf markets, we may not get much meaningful moves until next week for FX.