Modest changes

The dollar has moved lower and so have stocks, but modestly after the FOMC decision. There is some disappointment perhaps with the lack of forward guidance. . They are simply stating the facts and feel comfortable not guessing the impact of their policy decisions to date.

EURUSD: The EURUSD moved from 1.0865 to a new day high at 1.0881. The price has since come back down to 1.0867 as I type.

GBPUSD: The moved from 1.2442 to a New York session high of 1.2468. The price currently trades between those levels at 1.2454

USDJPY: The USDJPY move down only about 12 pips from 106.68 to 106.56

In the US stock market, the NASDAQ index was up about 302 points at the time of the announcement. It is currently up around 280 points. The Dow was up 550 points. It is currently trading up around 490 points. Finally, the S&P index was up about 79 points. It is currently up around 71 points.

Overall the impact in the markets is somewhat muted but with a downward bias for both the dollar and the stocks.