Major indices move lower in trading today

The major European stock indices are closing the day in the red, erasing earlier gains.

The provisional closes are showing:

  • German DAX, -0.3%. It was up about 0.60% the highs
  • France's CAC, -0.6%. It reached the high of +0.40%
  • UK's FTSE, -0.6%. It peaked at +0.36%
  • Spain's Ibex, -0.4%. It was up around 0.22% at the highs
  • Italy's FTSE MIB -0.6%. It rose by 0.29% at session highs

In the European debt market, the benchmark yields are mostly lower. France 10 year notes move back below the 0.0% level and is trading at -0.007% currently (low yield reach -0.019%).

Major indices move lower in trading today_

In other markets as London/European traders look to exit:

  • Spot gold is trading down $1.95 or -0.12% at $1556.22
  • WTI crude oil futures are trading down $1.43 or -2.47% at $56.94

In the US stock market, the major indices still are higher but have given up some of their earlier gains:

  • S&P index +9.14 points or 0.26% at 3330. The hi reached 3337.77. The low extended to 3326.85
  • NASDAQ index is up 48.6 points or 0.52% at 9419.40. Its high price reached 9439.28. The low price extended to 9406.50
  • Dow is up 27 points or 0.09% at 29223. The high reached 29320.20. The low extended to 29190.60

In the US debt market, yields are little changed and mixed. The 5 year note is up 0.5 basis points while the 30 year bond is down -1.1 basis points.

US yields are mixed

In the forex market, the GBP remains the runaway strongest currency of the day. The CAD is the weakest after the more dollars Bank of Canada. The GBPCAD is up over 1% on the day. For the USD, apart from being weaker against the GBP and stronger versus CAD, the percentage changes vs the other major currencies are 0.12% or less.

The pound is the strongest currency today