Pair waffles back and forth

The EURUSD continues the consolidation near the high levels of the day/week.

Pair waffles back and forth

As per the earlier post, the price today was able to extend above the 1.1000 level yesterday and today at the lows, the level based and moved higher.

The run higher has still remained short of the next target area at 1.10678-749. The high reached 1.1062 (twice).

The low in the NY session dipped below the high from yesterday at 1.10334 but stalled ahead of other swing support at 1.1020 to 1.10249 (see lower yellow area).

The price is currently below those levels at 1.1044. The buyers and sellers are both looking for the next shove with the buyers still holding a little control, but there is more work to do.