Dow rises for the 3rd straight day and leads the charge

The major indices are closing higher. The S&P index is on the longest winning streak since February (4 days). The NASDAQ 100 did trade above its all-time closing level but backed off into the close. The Dow industrial average is up for the 3rd straight day and led the charge with a 2.05% gain.

The final numbers for the day are showing:

  • S&P index +42.05 points or 1.36% at 3122.87. The high price reached 3130.94. The low price extended to 3098.90
  • NASDAQ index rose 74.535 points or 0.78% at 9682.91. The high price reached 9707.78. The low price extended to 9627.17
  • Dow industrial average rose 527.24 points or 2.05% at 26269.89. The high price reached 26337.75. The low price extended to 25906.88

Boeing led the charge today with a gain of 12.93%. Lagging in the Dow 30 was Home Depot with a -0.71% decline. Traders are rotating out of the winners into the laggards.

The US stocks are closing higher.