S&P looks toward 2900. Nasdaq gets close to 8900

Both the S&P index and NASDAQ index got close, but fell just short of natural resistance levels at the 2900 level for the S&P index and the 8900 level for the NASDAQ index. The S&P index reached a high price of 2898.23, while the NASDAQ index printed 8895.926 as its high.

They have since backed off with the S&P index currently trading at 2894.52 up 1.82%. The NASDAQ index is trading at 8881.91, +1.97% on the day.

The Dow industrial average has reached a high of 24169.72. It currently trades at 24124.42 up 1.58% or 375 points.

Hopes for a smooth reopening and lots of central bank money sloshing around it is helping the general tone. The NASDAQ index is within about 1 or so percent of the unchange level for the year at 8972.60. The S&P index is still down -10.48% on the year while the Dow is down -15.53%.