Surpasses the old high of 15403.44

The NASDAQ index is just reached a new all-time high, surpassing the previous high of 15403.44 from September 7. The high close is at 15374.53. The new high has reached 15406.13.

NASDAQ trades to a new record high

The S&P index is up 37.32 point at 4588.99. It's high price reached 4592.60. That is still short of the high reached earlier this week at 4598.53.

The Dow industrial average is up 193.52 points or 0.55% at 35683.13. It's high price today reached 35710.44 which is short of its all-time high reached earlier this week at 35892.92.

After the close both Amazon and Apple report the earnings. Amazon is currently up $51 or 1.52% at $3444.00, while Apple is trading up $3.88 at $152.73.