Dollar moving a little lower


The price is back above the 200 day MA at 1.1078 and the 100 bar MA on the 4-hour chart at 1.1076. The range for the NY trading session? 16 pips. HMMM. Not a lot of meat on that trading bone.


The range for this pair in the NY session has been 31 pips. The 1.3046 level was earmarked as a level to stay below will. The price could not make it to the low from Friday at the 1.30198 level though.


The USDJPY moved above the 200 hour MA (currently at 102.455) and trend line resistance, but the rally stalled at the at 102.65 - ahead of other targets at 102.66 and the high from last week at 102.828. The price is trading back below the 200 hour MA at 102.455 (well the price is right at it). The trading range for the NY session? 30 pips


The AUDUSD surged from 0.7632 to 0.7672 (it nearly doubled the range at the time) on a break above highs and a consolidation area. That surge has now seen a 50% correction of that move (so a 20 pip move back lower at 0.76519). In the process of the move back lower, the price has moved below the Friday highs at 0.7663. Whereas the EURUSD range is 44% of the 22 day average, the AUDUSD is 92% of the 22 day average. The pair is simply having trouble keeping the gains.


The 100 hour MA held resistance at the highs (there was a peak above the MA line but that failed. The price rotated lower.


Oil prices are higher and the USDCAD is down but a double bottom and staying above the 38.2% keeps the buyers in control.