Apple shares are now higher on the day

The US stocks are continuing to clawback the sharp declines. The Dow industrial average is ticked positive for a moment. The S&P index and NASDAQ index continue to remain in the red but well off their low levels.

A snapshot with less than an hour left in trading currently shows:

  • Dow Jones, -10.29 points or -0.04% at 28282.44. The low price reached all the way down to 27664.68. At the low the Dow was down -628 points
  • S&P index -10.18 points or -0.29% at 3444.88. It's a low price extended to 3349.63. At the low the index was down -105.43 points
  • NASDAQ index -82.98 points or -0.72% at 11375.13. It's low price reached 10875.87. At the low the index was down -582.23 points

Apple shares which traded as low as $110.89. It is currently trading at $121.64 up $0.79 on the day.