Dow leads the gainers now

At the open, the Nasdaq index led the way with gains at 1.15% while the Dow was up around 0.64%.

However, the focus has shifted out of the high flying tech and into the Dow stocks. The justification? If there is a successful vaccine, the beaten down will be lifted. The high flyers have the good news priced in. That is the story at least.

Looking at the major indices,

  • The NASDAQ index has just turned negative on the day. It currently trades down -7 points or -0.06% at 11304.25.
  • The Dow is up 243 points or 0.87% at 28175
  • The S&P index is up 18.46 points or 0.55% at 3415.85

Looking at the Dow stocks,

  • Boeing leads the way with a 4.17% gain to $174.42.
  • Exxon Mobil is up 2.85%
  • American Express is up 2.76%,
  • Raytheon technologies are up 2.75%, and
  • Caterpillar is up 2.3%.

Other big gainers today include the airlines:

  • United Airlines is up 7.9%
  • Delta Air Lines is up 7.63%
  • Southwest a or is up 5.13%

Fnancials are also improving today with:

  • Wells Fargo up 2.66%
  • Charles Schwab up 2.48%
  • Bank of America up 2.56%
  • Citigroup up 2.39%
  • J.P. Morgan up 2.2%

Tesla which traded to a new all time high today at $2128.00 at the open, is currently trading at $1986.50 down -3.10%.

Apple which traded as high as $515.12 near the open is now trading at $497.41 near unchanged on the day.

For the year to date, the haves and have-nots is certainly evident and could be suggestive that a tilt could be in the cards:

  • The NASDAQ index is up 26.41%
  • The S&P index is up 5.83%
  • The Dow industrial average is down -1.22%