UK PM Johnson and G7 leaders discuss the Afghanistan transition

  • After G7 call, Taliban must guarantee safe passage for those who want to leave beyond 31st of August
  • We have evacuated 9000 people out of Kabul
  • We will go on right up to the last moment that we can
  • Confident we can get thousands more out
  • Situation at airport not getting any better
  • It is tough for military
  • G7 has agreed not just a joint approach to dealing with the evacuation, but roadmap for engaging with Taliban
  • Will probably be Taliban government in Kabul
  • Number one condition for Taliban is they must guarantee beyond August 31 safe passage for those wanting to come out
  • G7 has considerable leverage
  • Asked if he shared frustration with Biden, says immediate phase of evacuation has been considerable success

Meanwhile the G7 statement from their meeting says:

  • We affirm our commitment to Afghanistan with a renewed humanitarian effort by the international community
  • We support the UN in coordinating the immediate international humanitarian response in the region
  • We will work together and with our allies and regional countries, through the UN, G 20, and Afghanistan

In the US, Pres. Biden has accepted a recommendation to remove US troops from Afghanistan by August 31 deadline. The plan is contingent to stay longer should it be necessary and on the Taliban's cooperation in facilitating evacuations.