Reaches a high yield of 1.6352%

The US 10 year yield has surpassed the high yield for the recent cycle from earlier in the month and now trades at the highest level cents February 7, 2020. The high yield reached 1.6370 so far. The next target comes at the February 2020 high of 1.6820%

Reaches a high yield of 1.6352%_

The rise in yield comes after the U.S. Treasury will auction off 10 and 30 year notes/bonds on Wednesday and Thursday. The 10 year yield at a one basis point tail vs the WI level at the time of auction, but was still considered ok. The 30 year auction had a 0.5 bp tail but the yield had backed up into the auction. Nevertheless, the market breathed a sigh of relief.

ON the inflation front, the CPI and PPI data this week came in about is expected. However, the next few months will see those YoY levels rise sharply due to the falling off of some low monthly levels from the start of the pandemic in 2020.

The Fed has signaled that they are looking at the spikes as temporary, but that does not mean the market will. The rise in yields has exerted most of the pain on the tech sector which trades at higher multiples and therefore is at more risk of a valuation re-pricing as a result of the higher rates.