Dow is the strongest. Nasdaq lags again

The US stocks are set open little changed with the Dow doing the best. THe Nasdaq lagging once again. The NASDAQ has been lower for four consecutive days.

The futures are implying:

  • Dow up 48 points
  • NASDAQ -5 points
  • S&P near unchanged

US yields are taking higher with the 10 year now up about two basis points to 1.586%. The 30 year is up 2.3 basis points at 2.266%. Both are near highs for the day.

Spot gold is up $5.90 or 0.33% at $1792.87. WTI crude oil futures are moving back toward unchanged. The price is currently down $0.10 or -0.15% at $65.54. The low price reached $64.90. The high price extended to $65.98