Major indices down for the third straight day

The US stock market is opening in the red with the NASDAQ index leading the way. The major indices are now down for the third day in a row. The Dow industrial average is on pace for its worst week in at nearly 4 months. Crypto's are getting hammered. Coinbase website is down and their new IPO stock price is trading down 11% in early trading.

A snapshot of the stock market currently shows:

  • S&P index -53 points or -1.28% at 4075.10
  • NASDAQ index -196 points or -1.48% at 13107
  • Dow -384 points or what -1.14% at 33680

in other markets, a snapshot currently shows:

  • Spot gold up $1.65 or +0.09% at 1870.87. The high price reached 1876.20. The low was down at 1852.25
  • SPot silver is trading down $0.49 or -1.76% at $27.69. Its hi reach $28.23. The low reach $27.37
  • WTI crude oil futures are trading down -2 dollars or -3.04% at $63.48. The low price of just reached $63.44. The high price reached $65.35
  • Bitcoin is currently down $-7900 or -18.05% at $35417 is volatile trading. The digital currency reached $30,000 at its low (the lows will probably be different at different brokers feeds). The hi it was up at $43,591.70.
  • Ethereum is down $-975 or -28.47% at $2458. The low price reached $1850. The hi was up at $3468

In early forex trading, the JPY as taken over as the strongest of the majors from the USD. THe NZD and AUD remain the weakest. That is the prototypical "risk off" trade.

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