S&P modestly lower

The US stocks are open, with the major indices mixed. The Dow industrial average is trading modestly higher. The S&P index is modestly lower. The NASDAQ index is taking the brunt of the hit today. A snapshot of the market currently shows

  • S&P index -5 points or -0.13% at 3911
  • NASDAQ index -65 points or -0.46% 13959
  • Dow industrial average up 19 points or 0.07% at 31452

A look at other markets as stock trading gets underway shows:

  • Spot Gold $-11 or -0.61% at $1814.40 as it reacts to the higher dollar today
  • spot silver is up $0.08 or 0.27% at $27.06
  • WTI crude oil futures are down $0.10 of -0.17% of $58.14
  • the price of bitcoin is off its highs and trades up $360 or 0.76% that $47297. The high price reached $48,912

in the US debt market, yields are higher and the yield curve as steepened more since the New York open. The 30 year yield is just shy of the 2.0% level at 1.99%. (Up 4 basis points). The 10 year yield is up 2.8 basis points. The 2 – 10 year spread has risen to 108.25 basis points from 105.4 basis point at the close yesterday.

US yields are higher with the yield curve steepening

A snapshot of the forex market as stock trading gets underway shows the US dollar is getting stronger since the New York open. The New Zealand dollar remains the weakest of the majors.

The US dollar remains the strongest