Earlier declines are being eroded

The US stocks are trading at session highs. They are still down on the day but recovering well off low levels.

A snapshot of the major indices currently shows:

  • S&P index -13 points or -0.40% at 3244.73. The new high just reached up to 3245.59. The low was down at 3222.34
  • NASDAQ index is down -39 points or -0.42% at 9053. The high for the day reach 9055.67. The low extended down to 8976.434
  • Dow is down -171 points or -0.59% at 28700. The high for the day just reached 28716.31. The low was down at 28500.36

A big gainer today is Northrop Grumman which is up $17.5 or 4.91% to $373.21. Investors are jumping into that defense contractor as tensions in the Middle East increase.

Lockheed Martin is also up strongly, up 4.07%. Raytheon is up 1.91%.

The chart below shows the sharp rebound in the major US indices from lower levels. The Dow Jones was down -368 points at its low. The NASDAQ index was down -115 points added session low. The S&P index was down as much as -35.5 points

The and changes for the major indices in trading today