When life imitates comedy, you end up with a vomiting camel

Technical Analysis

Author: Adam Button | vomiting-camel

There's always someone who takes the joke seriously

Drawing funny things on technical analysis charts is, well, funny. Forget trendlines and moving averages, you need the occasional dinosaur:

Or duck:

Katie Martin at the FT has been at it for years. Her signature is the vomiting camel and she even takes the joke a step further by declaring herself the CIO of Vomiting Camel Asset Management on her twitter.

As with everything on the internet, it's suddenly taken on a life of its own and someone thought it was real. Someone who trades Bitcoin of all things.

In a post and video, he outlines the pattern on Bitcoin and explains it.

"This is a real chart pattern. It was discovered by Katie Martin, she manages Vomiting Camel Capital Asset Management," he writes.


More here from Katie.