Down $0.60 or -0.81%

The price of WTI crude oil futures settle at $73.06. That is down $0.60 or -0.81%. The high price reached $73.95. The low for the day extended to $72.94. The July contract goes off the board today.

The August contract is trading down $0.33 or -0.46% at $72.78. It's high price reached $73.47. The low extended to $72.94.

Technically, the price is trading above and below a swing area between $72.79 and $72.96. The price action suggests the market is unsure of the next directional move. If the price does dip lower, the 100 hour moving average at seven the $71.93 and the 200 hour moving averages $71.50, would need to be broken and stay broken for the sellers to take more control from a technical perspective.