AUDUSD below the 100/100 day MA

The AUDUSD is trading below the 100 day /100 hour MA going into the rate decision by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand later tonight (10:30 PM ET). The 100 day MA is at 0.6748. The 100 hour MA is at 0.6744.. Above those MAs are the 200 hour MA and then the 200 day MA at 0.6790. All those levels would need to be broken on the topside to open the upside for more momentum.

The current price at 0.6726 is about 65 pips from the 200 day MA and only 30 pips from the falling 200 hour MA. There have been some modest peeks above the 200 hour MA on Friday and again today in the Asian session, but momentum faded and the price rotated lower. The last time the price traded materially above the 200 hour MA was back on February 15

Moving above, and staying above the 200 hour MA will be a key barometer for buyers and sellers. Be aware.

On the downside the lows from last week came in between 0.66944 and 0.6707. The low of those swing lows are only 32 pips away.

If the 0.66944 level is broken, the price would be trading at the lowest level going back to January 3. That low (and low for the year) reached 0.6687 on that day.

A move below into new 2023 low, would have traders looking to the 50% of the move up from the October 2022 low at 0.6663. Below that and the low from December at 0.66284 would be eyed (see daily chart below).

AUDUSD on the daily chart