NASDAQ index is within 0.76% of all-time high closing level

The NASDAQ index is moving closer to its all-time high closing level reached on November 19, 2021 at 16057.44. The intraday all-time high price was reached at 16212.23 on November 22, 2021. From that high level, the price of the index tumbled 37.77% to its bottom on October 13, 2022.

With the price of the index trading at 15936, the current price is within 0.76% of a new all-time high close (and around 1.76% away from an all-time intraday high).

Meanwhile, the S&P index is putting some space between its current price and the 5000 level. It currently trades at 5015.26 up 17.38 points or 0.35%. Its all-time intraday high prior to this year was at 4818.62. The price is now about 4.8% above that level.

The Dow industrial average is down -0.18% today but has also moved to new all-time high closing levels. The price moved above its previous all-time high closing level back in mid-December above 36952.65. The current price is trading at 38655 about 4.7% above its previous all-time high intraday level.

The bulls are raging on Wall Street!

The bulls are raging on Wall Street