• The Russell sold off in the first half of the day, all the way to the Value Area Low (lower blue line in the video) of the volume profile for the price range
  • Following, RTY staged a V shaped recovery (4 hour candles), reclaiming a relevant price channel
  • Some trade ideas are suggested but as always, trade the Russell 2000 index or Russell futures at your own risk
  • For traders that may want to hedge against the possibility of the Russell being a little extended, and aspire to fill a lower entry price for a possible Long position, see the suggested entry, stop loss and take profit target in the video
  • For buy and holders waiting to get back in the market, as long as a daily candle of the Russell 2000 futures does not close below 1645

Russell 2000 Futures on a Weekly Timeframe

  • It seems legit that the Russell futures is at an interesting spot, having dropped apx. 34% from its ATH (all time high), following the Jerome Powell Money Printing Party
  • RTY is at the same price area levels that the market was before the 2018 crash, before the COVID stock market crash, and following the recent decline, which is a candidate for a correction
  • Now some might say, "it is not over yet". And they may be right. Nobody really knows. BUT even a temporary a relief rally (before more down later), from a technical analysis perspective as well as a psychologilcal one, seems legitimate at this spot
  • Even if we were the best analysts in the world, we do not know if it the Russell 2000 will just go down further. Nobody knows for sure. So we set a responsible stop for our Long trade idea, on a lower timeframe, as shown in the above video
  • Russell futures analysis with price chart, since 2017
    Russell futures analysis with price chart, since 2017

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