The US major indices are closing mixed with the Dow down for the 5th consecutive day in what was an up-and-down trading day for it. However, the S&P closed higher. The Nasdaq index surged 1.71% as Nvidia led to the flow of funds into it and other AI type stocks.

  • Nvidia rose 24.37%
  • Microsoft rose 3.85%
  • Alphabet rose 2.13%
  • Adobe surged 7.19%

The final numbers for the major indices showed:

The S&P remains below the key 100-week MA at 4200 with one more day to go in the week.

The Nasdaq index - despite the sharp rise today - is still below the high for the week (from Monday) at 12756.73. The high today reached 12736.92. Getting above that level is needed to open the door for further upside potential. The low for the week did hold support ahead of its rising 100 hour moving average (blue line in the chart below).

NASDAQ is still below its high for the week

For the Dow30, it was influenced by a decline of over -5.5% in Intel shares. Nvidia's gains are seen as Intei's losses.

Intel is shifting gears as they spend on new fabrication facilities in Arizona and Ohio. They are behind in chip development for things like AI (just like they were behind on chips for crypto and gaming). Nevertheless, their revenues were still $11.72B in the last quarter which was down -36.17% YoY.

Contrast that to Nvidia who had revenues of $7.2B in the current quarter, but sees revenues in the next quarter at $11B. That was 50% higher than the analyst's expectations and would represent all-time highs for the company (if reached).

The market capitalization of each company?

  • Intel $114.29B
  • Nvidia $939.29B

There is a lot priced into Nvidia, but the stories for each company are still diverging.