USDCHF test its 200 day moving average

The USDCHF is higher on the day and is knocking on the 200 day moving average's door in the process.

So far, the Asian session high and the US session high has been able to breach the level (gotten a foot in the door), but has not been able to fully enter the room (move above the MA with momentum). The 200 day moving average currently comes in at 0.9162. That is also worthy 38.2% retracement of the sharp move down from last week cuts across. There is some cause for pause as traders lean against the technical levels.

Of note, at the European session low today, the price tested the falling 100 hour moving average only to find support buyers against that level. Ahead of that moving average, traders will watch the 0.91479 level which was a swing high from Thursday's trade (see green numbered circles). Yesterday the price traded above and below the level but did also have a swing level near that price (see green numbered circle 3).