Bulls are protecting the Volume Profile Point of Control (POC) in the S&P 500 technical analysis, signaling a bullish market trend. This technicak analysis from the ForexLive.com Youtube channel focuses on the volume profile and how to trade it to improve your trading tactics:

Volume Profile? Watch 3970 on ES (S&P 500 Emini Futures)

Volume Profile is a technical analysis tool that shows total volume traded at each price level over time. It shows traders where most trading volume has occurred in a specific time frame using a graphical representation. Traders use the POC, the price level with the largest volume, to trade Volume Profile. The POC and other major levels are critical support or resistance levels because traders and algorithms react to them.

The S&P 500's POC is 3970, and the blue lines within the above vide, reflect the value area low and high. 68% of trading volume occurred between the blue lines, this is the 'value area'.

The S&P 500 has dropped 5% in 25 trading days as a normal retracement. Despite market volatility , bulls are defending the POC, and while price stays above, it remains bullish, IMHO.

Traders can set stop-loss orders below the POC as a support level .

In conclusion, the S&P 500's POC is a critical support or resistance level for traders and algorithms. Trading techniques might be based on protecting the POC, which implies a bullish trend. Understanding and applying Volume Profile helps improve your trading methods and results.

If ES closes 2 consecutive days below 3925, then I will change my bullish premise.

Trade ES at your own risk and visit ForexLive.com for additional views.