Posting this as an ICYMI on a forecast for leading crypto Bitcoin from hedge fund SkyBridge's Anthony Scaramucci.

He says that "If bitcoin's at $45,000 on the halving, where it roughly is right now, it'll be $170,000 by mid- to late 2025".

  • "Wherever the price is on the day of the halving in April, multiply it by four, and it'll reach that price in the next 18 months,"

The Mooch was speaking in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, report comes via Reuters.


'Halvening' (some call it 'halving'):

  • halvening cuts in half the amount of tokens that Bitcoin miners receive as reward for their work
  • this happens every 4 years
  • due next around April 2024
  • is part of the process of capping Bitcoin supply at 21 million tokens
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I wonder if the Mooch is talking his book?