Author: Ryan Littlestone

IHS global knock First Trust into second place on the NFP table

  1. Nariman Behravesh - IHS Global
  2. Westbury/Stein - First Trust Advisors
  3. The (wo)man with no name - Intesa Sanpaolo
  4. Max Clarke - IDEAglobal
  5. Christine VOn Berg Bayerische Landesbank
 With 235/240k the main numbers expected from Bloomberg and Reuters we have two of the five going above, with Intesa the highest choice with 290k

Of course the real numbers to read come from our very own Adam Button, who does away with the flannel to bring you all the numbers that matter on his preview here

You can also watch Adam and Greg chewing the numbers over in their latest Hangout video

The numbers may well be a few seconds/minutes late today, report Livesquawk, due to the weather over in yankland. Something to keep an eye on while you're glued to the screen at 13.30 gmt

And don't forget that our NFP compo is up and running so place your guesses on the link here

I'll bring you Mike's usual views from the market movers and shakers as soon as it drops on my doormat

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