Author: Adam Button

Tsipras falling in polls,

Principle may have won Alexis Tsipras the Greek election but holding onto power may dictate his next moves. The euro is now beginning to climb as traders digest the move to remove Varoufakis from the day-to-day bailout discussions.

Euro uptick in the past few minutes

It's still early but watch for signs that Tsipras is surrendering as he scrambles to raise funds. Bild reports that he's ready to suspend minimum wage demands.

Overall, Tsipras remains popular but there are early signs that dissatisfaction.

A poll carried out by ALCO for the Proto Thema Sunday newspaper found 52% were not satisfied with the government's performance compared to 39 percent who were. If creditors don't accept Greece's proposals, 50 percent want the government to compromise and 36 percent want a rupture.

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