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Gerry Davies


  1. Top of the morning to ya Gerry (I am in Australia).

    Do you know of any articles or research suggesting a brent price point at which the SPR is likely to be released?

  2. Hey Gerry, I can’t find anything else about this on the main news lines and I would have thought this would had a bit more coverage…

  3. I hope, it dosent come to that. But, it sounds like it may already be under way.

  4. Sounds very risk off to me.. I wonder which CCY is the best best in such uncertainty these days, USD, CHF or JPY?
    – on the other hand, a 1% rate cut on the AUD looks imminent, as early as Tuesday this week, good opportunity to short AUD/ USD you think, especially given the recent climb?

  5. I found this report rather disturbing, forget about oil prices, Israel attacking Iran is a very scary scenario that could escalate into something much worse especially when the ‘N’ word is involved.

  6. I think it has been a long time in the making. Peace will never prevail in the region and there is no point to pretend anything positive will come from negotiations or sanctions. There are so many backwards nations in the middle east, with nothing to offer from the current regimes, but the misery they instill on their own people. The West and it’s dependency on foreign oil, meant it had to look the other way for so long that the things that go on seem so normal. A proper war, with some long time coming shifts in power, will set the region right.

  7. What’s a proper war these days Colin? I agree sanctions won’t work but be very careful about what u wish for here. If Israel attacks Iran then they themselves will be attacked from all sides by their unfriendly neighbours. The US and other western nations will be dragged into another gulf war with the only object being to destroy Iran’s nuclear capability. They won’t be going in there to change the regime as that won’t be seen as legitimate and would never be accepted by the UN security council… There is the chance it will weaken the regime in Iran enough for the people to try and take control, but this will be bloody and with all the other Arab countries struggling to maintain stability do we really want to add more instability to an already dangerous situation? After the first gulf war George Bush snr often was asked why he never carried into baghdad to take out Sadam…after what has happened in Iraq in recent years that question doesn’t get asked anymore

  8. Reimer’s remarks are the height of bigotry; an armchair warlord devoid of fact where he substitutes his own fantasy a rolls it into a vague option. You see, it is not about Netanyahu shamelessly comparing Iran to Auschwitz nor is it about building a nuclear missile to threaten anyone with. This is about power. Israel wants at all costs to protect its regional monopoly of nuclear weapons. It has a nuclear arsenal estimated by some at between 75 and 150 warheads, a range of sophisticated delivery systems, and a second strike capability based on long-range missiles mounted on German-supplied submarines. In contrast, there is as yet no convincing evidence that Iran intends to build a nuclear weapon. The United States’ own annual National Intelligence Estimate – the collective opinion of its 16 intelligence agencies – has repeatedly confirmed that Tehran hasn’t so far taken any such decision.

    Iran’s nuclear program is a threat to Israel’s regional military supremacy – a supremacy which, over the past several decades, has given it the freedom to strike its neighbours at will without being hit back. If Iran were ever to acquire a nuclear weapon – or merely the capability of building one – Israel fears this would restrict its freedom of action. However, it just might even be a step towards creating a regional balance of power, which Israel is determined to prevent.

  9. Scholar’s remarks are the height of stupidity or ignorance (take your pick). Israel has never threatened her neighbors. Iran, on the other hand, has done nothing but threaten and attack Israel through its proxies. Israel’s strength is the only thing keeping a lid on the middle east. Does anyone really believe that if Isreal were to disarm, every Arab neighbor would just leave them alone? Or is there a lot of fear out there that Isreal is going to nuke someone? I don’t think so.


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