Mnuchin says Yellen being considered along with others for Fed chair

Author: Adam Button | Category: News

Mnuchin speaking at Delivering Alpha conference

  • Tax reform is my #1 priority
  • He will have dinner with Trump and Cohn tonight on tax plan
  • Debt limit decision showed we can put politics aside
  • Too soon to say concrete impact of hurricanes
  • Wants to pass tax reform on a bi-partisan basis
  • If he can't get 60 Senate votes, prepared to use reconciliation
  • Don't know if a 15% corporate tax is achievable
  • Wants to create tax relief for pass-through businesses
  • Services income won't get the benefit of pass-through tax rates
  • Companies that create jobs like manufacturers would get pass-through rates
  • Dynamic scoring 'does work'

The comment on bi-partisan tax reform is a reach. What they mean is they hope Democrats will vote for it, but they won't be drafting the reform with Democrats.

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