The growth of the cryptocurrency world remains steady, and we continue to expect more exciting features to join what we already have, with more technological advancements coming up. Undoubtedly, crypto isn’t going anywhere and will continue to provide an alternative to the growing market. Therefore, we can always expect more from the industry.

Sports has been a top benefactor of the crypto world, especially with NFTs. The National Football League continues to benefit from this industry. We’ve seen crypto become a primary payment option for bettors looking to stake on NFL lines. So, you might want to explore the opportunities the industry holds.

With the growing market, we’re in for an incredible run as more projects will be developed. Since the first crypto, there have been speculations of decentralized financial systems taking over. NFL is also part of the leagues that have looked to explore the benefits and impact crypto brings to the sporting world.

NFL and Mythical Games decided to partner to take advantage of the growing crypto market and blockchain. As a result, they’ve created an incredible project which will help bolster fan engagement. In addition, the launch of NFL Rivals brings something different to the industry. So, let’s explore this NFT game and what we think.

Mythical Games and NFL Partnership

The NFL and Mythical Games partnership was surprising, although one could already tell something like that could happen, given that the league is opening up to crypto. So, we believe this partnership will build a bridge between both worlds, taking the existing partnerships to another level.

With both worlds combined, we expected something beautiful, and as a result, we got the development of a blockchain game. NFL Rivals became a product of both worlds coming together, and as a result, we could expect the growing interest to continue. It can only get better from here.

Mythical Games is valued at over $1 billion and is one of the leaders in the blockchain world. The company has a private Ethereum Virtual Machine with a compatible sidechain for games on Web 3.0 technology. As a result, developing a game like NFL Rivals was possible, and everyone could enjoy the exciting parts of it.

About the Game

NFL Rivals is a free-to-play game with each user getting a starter team at launch. And it retains the typical Web3 games elements. As a result, you can earn tokens and other prizes by completing set objectives or leveling up. The game has these exciting features that make it worthwhile for newbies and experienced Web 3.0 gamers.

The game also has a solo gameplay mode, where players can explore the game as a single player. In addition, it comes with a non-live player vs. player mode, giving us an incredible gaming experience. The game also takes it another step by providing a way to pit your team against an existing NFL lineup.

The goal is to make the game as realistic as possible. Therefore, you can expect more enjoyable moments whenever you launch the game. The excitement never stops once you launch and start playing. However, you might want to learn the basics before you start playing the game.

Effects on the Community

This game will undoubtedly bring positives to the online community and how fans engage in the growing league. The NFL is looking to ensure there is a more global acceptance and the current fans have a stake in the sport. With the game, they can build a gap between the newer generation as they hope to continue growing.

NFL Rivals brings something different to the table. It might take some time for it to become globally accepted. However, we can be sure that it will remain a prominent part of the crypto and sports world. Since real prizes are to be won, the effects on the community will be positive.

Blockchain provides a solid base for innovative ideas and will continue to bring exciting projects. We can only look forward to the possibilities of the growing industry. It can only improve the community, and its effects would remain positive.

Our Thoughts

The partnership between NFL and Mythical Games has just started with the production of NFL Rivals. The game's success will determine how much more we will get. We look forward to an exciting period in the gaming industry and the collaboration between sporting brands and the crypto world.