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Last Updated: July 15, 2024
  • Amazon Poised for Earnings Growth, Says WSJ
    • Amazon's stock is poised for a lift, cheered on by a robust earnings report highlighting its e-commerce and cloud segments as the stars of the show.
    • Eyes are turning to Amazon's global strategy, with updates eagerly anticipated on their international expansion and fresh ventures, signaling potential new growth horizons.
    • The market's mood is bullish on Amazon, as investors and traders digest these developments and consider the broader implications for the tech giant's future moves.
  • Expert Views Amazon as Top AI Value Pick
    • Amazon's trading at a steal! Currently over 20% below its industry counterparts, this giant offers juicy prospects for investors, particularly with its robust AWS platform outshining Microsoft's Azure in profitability.
    • Don't miss the bargain on Amazon! Its significant discount in the market despite a strong footing in the lucrative cloud business hints at a potentially rewarding investment opportunity that's hard to overlook.
    • With AWS leading the profit parade over Microsoft Azure, savvy investors might find Amazon not just a tech powerhouse but also a hidden gem in their portfolio, awaiting bigger gains.
  • MercadoLibre Excels Over Amazon in Key LatAm Segment
    • MercadoLibre shines in the spotlight, stealing the show from Amazon in Latin America's e-commerce theater. Their success isn't just about being first on the scene; it's about smartly weaving local culture into their business fabric, making them a favorite in the region's marketplace dance.
    • The company’s early bird strategy in Latin America pays off big time! By diving into the market before the competition, MercadoLibre has not only captured a leading spot but also ingrained itself deeply with home-field advantage. Their intimate understanding of regional needs and nuances is a game-changer, making them a tough act for Amazon to follow.
    • Investors are giving MercadoLibre a big thumbs up, signaling strong market confidence in its expansion playbook. This buoyant investor sentiment is likely to pump more capital into the company, further fueling its growth engine and sharpening its edge in the bustling Latin American market.

AMZN Stock Long-Term Technical Analysis

Dive into our extensive video, "In-Depth Analysis of Amazon (AMZN) Stock: Key Levels, Volume Analysis & Future Outlook (2020-2029)," where we meticulously examine Amazon's stock trajectory from the start of 2020. Tailored for both investors and traders, this analysis sheds light on the pivotal elements that could shape Amazon's market position in the upcoming years.

Key Highlights of the Analysis with the video below:

  • Market Trajectory Overview: An in-depth look at Amazon's performance, charting its market trends from 2020 to the present.
  • VWAP Deep Dive: Comprehensive insights into Amazon's Volume Weighted Average Price, revealing its significance in the stock's valuation.
  • Volume Profile Exploration: Detailed investigation of the volume profile, highlighting key trading areas and interest points crucial for strategic decision-making.
  • Crucial Price Levels: Identification and discussion of significant resistance and support levels in Amazon's stock, expected to be influential throughout this decade.
  • Forward-Looking Projections: Predictions based on historical data and current trends, offering a forecast of Amazon's potential path in the stock market for the next few years.

This video serves as a valuable resource for those looking to understand the dynamics of Amazon's stock and its potential future movements, backed by thorough research and analysis.

Real-time price chart of AMZN stock

Stay up-to-date with the latest performance of, (AMZN) through our real-time stock chart, providing live insights into its market movements

AMZN stock valuation - less noise, just the highlights

  • AMZN stock shows a promising future growth with a Forward P/E ratio (Fwd P/E) of 33.22, which is significantly lower than its current P/E ratio of 54.62. This indicates that earnings are expected to grow, making the long-term investment in valuation appealing.
  • The PEG ratio of 1.79 for AMZN indicates a balanced value that encompasses both the growth and earnings perspectives, making it a strategic pick for investors analyzing valuation through growth at a reasonable price.
  • With an impressive EPS growth of 58.17% this year and projected earnings growth of 30.50% over the next five years, AMZN showcases robust profit expansion, which reinforces the stock as an attractive choice for investors looking at the 'AMZN valuation'.

Stay informed with the latest AMZN stock analyst recommendations:

  • Consistently positive outlook across firms: Several top analytic firms such as TD Cowen, Telsey Advisory Group, and Monness Crespi & Hardt consistently reiterate a positive outlook for AMZN with ratings like 'Buy' and 'Outperform.' This shows a strong consensus among recognized analysts believing in's potential for sustained growth.
  • Diverse analyst involvement in AMZN stock recommendations: With a range of firms from Wedbush to Wolfe Research to Maxim Group actively involved, enjoys broad scrutiny and evaluation. This diverse set of eyes ensures more robust and comprehensive AMZN analyst recommendations, providing investors with detailed insights into various aspects of the company's business strategy and market dynamics.
  • Upward revisions in price targets: Recent AMZN analyst recommendations highlight an upward trend in price target revisions, exemplified by TD Cowen raising their price target from $225 to $245 and Monness Crespi & Hardt from $215 to $225. Such revisions suggest growing confidence in's financial performance and market position.

Stay updated on AMZN stock insider trading with these key points:

  • Investors and traders can use detailed SEC Form 4 submissions to identify buy or sell signals, taking cues from insider trading behaviors particularly during periods of price fluctuations. Consistent selling by multiple top executives within a short window, as seen with Amazon, typically prompts careful consideration of potential stock overvaluation or impending negative developments.
  • Analysis of recent heavy trades made by key executives at Amazon, such as Jeffrey P. Bezos and Douglas J. Herrington, reveals a trend that might indicate their perspectives on the stock's future value. Especially significant are the large volumes sold by Bezos, suggesting he might be cashing out, potentially hinting at perceived overvaluation or other personal financial strategies.
  • The pattern of selling activity by Amazon's top executives, including the CEO of Amazon Web Services, Adam Selipsky, and SVP and CFO Brian Olsavsky, primarily around higher price points, could serve as a subtle sell signal to investors. This trend underscores the importance of monitoring insider trades as part of broader market analysis and decision-making frameworks.

AMZN technical analysis

Unlock insights to make smarter investment decisions with this real-time technical analysis tool. Dive in to see the latest buy and sell signals tailored for today's dynamic market. Get the market's inside scoop in a flash! Peek at our fun and user-friendly ratings to see what it is whispering about your AMZN stock, within various timeframes.

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