There's a few expiries of note rolling off today as Ryan posted earlier

The stand-outs with prices where they currently are:

USDJPY 124.00 (USD 1.12 bln)

EURUSD 1.0900 (1.2bln) 1.0945 (EUR 511m) 1.1000 (1.39bln)

USDCHF 0.9600 (USD 1.39bln)

AUDNZD 1.1100 (AUD 908m)

Keep an eye on the price action as we head into the top of the hour and the subsequent action immediately after. Also beware US mftg PMI and new home sales at 13.45 and 14.00 GMT

Expiries don't always impact but it's advisable to be aware of them and can often cause a ripple-effect if nothing else.

For more info here's a piece I wrote previously. I go into more detail on the ACT courses that we are currently presenting.

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