EURUSD still looking very weak as Draghi heads to the beach

We're still nicking new lows as Draghi switches off the mic. 1.1164 is the latest

The 100 dma is at 1.1175 on my charts but I'm not looking to catch that falling knife. Draghi has opened the door and the sellers will now go rushing in as they try to gauge what will come in Dec. It's still not 100% certain that they act but you don't get a bigger warning than what we've been given today

He's been a master of the silver tongue and this was another moment when it flashed. The euro has come back from falls over the last few couple of weeks but today is likely to see renewed downside pressure coming in. Look for the currency to now be even more of a rally seller than a dip buyer

EURUSD daily chart

1.1125/30 is the next level to watch as we carry on down. 1.1085/90 and 1.1016 are another couple to keep on your map