US futures extend gains to over 1% on the day now


Meanwhile, European stocks are also maintaining their advance with the DAX up by 2% alongside other major indices which are matching the gains.

That may be the reason why the dollar was nudged a little lower but there really isn't much significant movement in the currencies space just yet today.

AUD/USD climbed from 0.6225 to 0.6240 but is now back down to 0.6230. Meanwhile, USD/JPY has barely budged and is still trading around 108.85-95 for the most part.

Notably, the bond market is hinting at more of a mixed mood with US 10-year yields down by 2.5 bps to 0.747% currently. Again, all eyes are on the key risk events later today so the session is likely to result in more choppy trading more than anything else.