Forex news for Asia trading Thursday 4 December 2014

Still to come:

Not too much excitement reflected in the price movements today …. but there is plenty going on as the ECB and BoE are coming up … and USD/JPY gathers the strength to kick down the door at 120.

But … not yet …

USD/JPY eked its way higher, taking little nibbles out of the sellers ahead of 120, but not quite managing to get there.

EUR and GBP drifted a little lower net on the session after making earlier highs.

AUD was a lot more active, the better than expected Retail Sales data seeing it shoot to just shy of 0.8430 before the sellers capped it again. It made new session lows just under 0.8380 but then headed sideways just above there (as of writing).

Oil found a gentle bid, edging a little higher, but there wasn’t too much in it. Gold off tiny.