Forex news for Asia trading Friday 18 January 2019

A news item hit during the US afternoon (Greg covered it and again in the wrap, but ICYMI):

Which was soon denied:

Nevertheless, the hope that it was true (where there is smoke there is fire?) carried in Asia trade during the session here. USD/JPY had fallen back on the denial but it gained back all of its drop in the Toyo morning and has held steady at its session highs as I update.

The Tokyo morning also saw gains (not large) for AUD, NZD, CAD, EUR with the same reasoning/hope being cited. Currencies have pretty much lost their steam since and most are now barely changed net for the session.

Compounding the yens losses today was the December inflation report out of Japan. Unsurprisingly it showed the CPI very, very low, well under target (as usual). Alongside a higher USD/JPY yen crosses found a bid.

Other news and data flow was light.

Still to come: