• 49.9 prev
  • services PMI 54.8 vs 55.0 exp vs 55.7 prev
  • composite PMI 54.3 vs 53.6 exp vs 54.1 prev

EURUSD up to 1.2640 50 on the better news after lows of 1.2613 in the wake of the French disappointment

EURGBP 0.7882 in a rush EURJPY 135.60

In other news the Federal Statistics Office has released a report showing that German building firms faced a decline in orders for the 3rd consecutive month

  • contracts fell by 5.2% in August vs -5.3%in July
  • construction orders for first 8 months of 2014 down 0.4% yy
German Markit mftg PMI mm

German Markit mftg PMI mm