The Greek Justice system has been called in to investigate allegations that a Syriza MP issued a ‘call to arms’.

New Democracy apparently released an edited video of Syriza’s Diamantopoulos delivering a speech saying that Greeks taking up guns was a justifiable response to the Greek crisis, but Syriza claimed the comments were taken out of context

In the full version of the SYRIZA MP’s speech, he says: “At the moment, they are saying to people: “In your exasperation, either commit suicide or pick up a gun.” What we say is: “Join us and turn this rage into a creative movement. That’s the clear message from SYRIZA.”

SYRIZA said New Democracy was guilty of “forgery and a disgusting provocation” and suggested that those responsible for distributing the edited footage should face criminal charges.

The two parties have been at loggerheads over the last few weeks over political violence, with ND accusing SYRIZA of not condemning it strongly enough and the leftists accusing the conservatives of trying to divert people’s attention from the state of the economy.