The talks have started in the Greek halls of power so when can we expect some results?

Unfortunately the Greek's aren't too hot on timekeeping so there are only rough guides to when everything is happening

Tsipras laid down the final groundwork on TV last night by saying that he signed an agreement that he didn't believe in but did so to avoid a disaster for the country

Hardly a positive comment to the party voters

At the moment the Greek parliament is in session with a debate and vote on the prior actions bill.

At 11.00 GMT the Syriza party will be meeting

The final votes will be later in the day but there's no real timetable that I can find but we'll know when they are all in session

Then we're in the lap of the news wires to bring us the results

It's hard to see the markets doing much while all this is going on but be prepared for any big tape bombs to throw the prices around. Again, it's not going to be a day to go chasing a move or thinking about trying to pick a direction as you could get chopped all over the place

If you know your Greek then you can follow the happenings in parliament live