JOLTS job openings

Jolts job openings
  • 7 straight months of gains.
  • Record level of job openings
  • Prior was 10.073M revised to 10.185M
  • Hires were little change at 6.7 million. Hires decreased in retail trade -277K and durable goods manufacturing -41K. State and local government education increased by 33K and in Federal government +21K
  • Quits were little changed at 4.0M. Quits increased in wholesale trade plus 34K and state and local government education plus 14K. Quits decreased in transportation and warehousing and utilities -25K and in federal government -5K.
  • Separations were little change at 5.8 million. Total separations decreased in transportation warehousing and utilities -43K and in federal government -9K.
  • Layoffs and discharges were little changed at 1.5 million. Professional business services saw an increase of layoffs and discharges of 107K.
  • Over a 12 month. Hires totaled 72.6 million and separations totaled 65.6 million yielding a net gain of 7 million. When the number of hires exceeds the number separations employment rises.

The jobs data continues to show a labor market that is having trouble filling open positions. The job openings are at a record level