The S&P index and in the NASDAQ and a are now trading in positive territory and at highs for the day:

The NASDAQ is leading the way with a gain of 50 points or 0.28% at 17770.44. The S&P index is up 2.23 points or 0.04% of 5475.42.

For the trading week, both indices are on pace to close higher:

  • NASDAQ index is currently up 0.46%
  • S&P index is up 0.80%

Meanwhile, the Dow industrial average is now lower on a day by -28 points or -0.07% at 39106. Despite the decline, the index is still up 1.34% for the trading week.

Both the S&P and NASDAQ indices made new all-time high closing levels this week:

  • NASDAQ index all-time high closing level comes in at 17862.22
  • S&P all-time high closing level comes in at 5487.02

For the Dow Industrial Average average, it's all-time high closing level came in on Monday the 17th at 40,003.60.