Boring day

Today is one of those days when it's "time to go fishing" as not only we have most of Europe on holidays but we have also an empty calendar.

There will be some central bank speakers though, but it's very unlikely that they will deviate from their prior comments given that they are all waiting for more data.

Central bank speakers:

  • 09:00 GMT - BoE's Broadbent (neutral - voter).
  • 12:45 GMT/08:45 ET - Fed's Bostic (hawk - voter).
  • 13:00 GMT/09:00 ET - Fed's Waller (neutral - voter).
  • 13:00 GMT/09:00 ET - Fed's Barr (dove - voter).
  • 14:30 GMT/10:30 ET - Fed's Jefferson (neutral - voter).

That's all for today. Wish you a good one!