Trade360 is now offering US stocks


CFDs broker Trade360 is adding physical stocks to its CFDs offering

Trade360, a Cyprus-based financial services provider regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC), is adding stocks to its already huge offering of CFDs, transforming the company to a multi-asset broker servicing both short-term traders and long-term investors. Shifting the company into the playing field of major financial service providers, Trade360's added value is its technological prowess - its leadership in high-tech solutions that more traditional, bricks-&-mortar firms often lack.

The move will enable Trade360 clients to own stocks in US-listed companies, with the expectation of additional stocks listed on other global exchanges in the near future.

Zero commissions* - Immediate execution

The online trading revolution has opened financial markets to retail traders over the past decade by - among others - lowering transaction fees and providing individual traders with immediate access using PCs and mobile devices. The result has been a steady influx of individual traders who now account for almost 25% of the stock market, based on a recent article in Business Insider.

Until now, the offerings of most online brokers have focused on derivatives, such as Contracts For Difference (CFDs) and Vanilla Options. However, as of late, the desire of traders that their online brokers provide physical shares alongside share derivatives has been gaining traction.

In response, Trade360 is pleased to announce the addition of 50 high-volume stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange with more to come - this over and beyond the 450 stock CFDs available beforehand from all over the world. And to make the offering even more attractive, Trade360 is covering all commissions, management fees, taxes and stamp duties.

In short - Trade360 clients will be buying stocks at their precise market value - no more, no less.

High-Tech Trading at your Fingertips

"Financial markets are the most fascinating and rapid-paced environment one can experience," says Trade360 spokesman, Chris Judd. "They require you to be connected at all times and be prepared to react at a moment's notice. That's why, beyond anything else, we see ourselves as a high-tech company delivering a quality product to our clients."

At present, stock trading will be available on Metaquotes' new MT-5 platform, which was especially developed to provide all the tools and requirements necessary for trading stocks and futures. In the near future, Trade360 plans to enable stock trading on its proprietary ParagonEx platform, which will also widen the trader's toolkit to include the company's ground-breaking Crowdtrading technology and an unsurpassed intuitive interface.

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