Can you provide a succinct description of RaiseFX and its overarching philosophy in the world of online trading?

David Bottin (DB): Absolutely. RaiseFX is not just an online broker; it's a paradigm shift in how we approach trading. We are a multi-awarded and multi-regulated global CFD broker with over 50,000 active traders who believe in simplicity and excellence. So, we are an international company with a local focus, hiring local talent and continuously exploring synergies with local partners & clients, allowing us to understand and cater to local trends and demands. Our singular trading offer, extensive product catalogue, and commitment to regulatory standards define us. RaiseFX is where traders find a secure environment and excellent trading conditions.

Cryptocurrency trading is gaining momentum. How does RaiseFX differentiate itself in this space?

Dany Mawas (DM): At Raise FX, we offer a distinctive advantage for crypto traders. As a new-age global CFD broker aligned with today's trading trends, we provide a comprehensive crypto CFD (i.e., Contracts for Difference) offering with over 120 cryptocurrencies to trade from. Our traders can easily participate in crypto trading with some of the lowest spreads in the industry. Our CFD offering enables traders to speculate on upward and downward movements in crypto prices without actual ownership. This adds flexibility and lowers fees compared to traditional crypto exchanges.

RaiseFX has recently acquired licenses from both the FSCA in South Africa and SVGFSA in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Can you elaborate on the significance of these licenses and the advantages they bring to traders when choosing a regulated broker?

David Bottin (DB): Certainly. The acquisition of licenses from the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and the SVGFSA underscores our commitment to regulatory excellence. These licenses validate our adherence to the highest ethical and operational standards and provide traders with a secure and regulated trading environment. When you trade with a regulated broker like RaiseFX, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your interests are protected, and you can focus entirely on executing your trading strategies.

Dany Mawas (DM): A few weeks ago, we announced being involved in acquiring new licenses; the SVGFSA is one. Moreover, we are currently obtaining a CySEC STP license and a payment processor, registered and located in Cyprus, which will allow 'Raise' to expand our operations in Europe.

RaiseFX recently expanded its international reach. Can you elaborate on the strategic decisions behind this move?

DM: In 2021, we set out to transform the online trading industry. Our international expansion, starting with using MetaQuotes' MetaTrader 5 platform in February 2023, marked a significant step. In August 2023, we strategically inaugurated two offices in South Africa, choosing the prestigious FNB Tower in Cape Town and the Rosebank banking district in Johannesburg. This move aimed to establish our presence in the economic heart of South Africa. During the same quarter, we extended our influence to the Middle East, specifically Beirut, Lebanon. Our multiple participations in global trade exhibitions further solidifies our commitment to a worldwide presence.

RaiseFX's commitment to excellence is evident in its regulatory achievements. How does the recent FSCA license contribute to the company's position?

DB: The FSCA category one license acquisition was pivotal for RaiseFX. It reinforced our commitment to the highest regulatory standards and allowed us to expand in Africa. This license signifies a secure and regulated trading environment. Together with our SVGFSA license, it showcases our global ambitions. RaiseFX is now a key player with a uniform trading proposition, offering over 500 assets on MetaTrader 5.

RaiseFX has recently garnered lots of attention. What makes it stand out in the competitive landscape?

DM: Our strategic decision to provide a single trading offer sets us apart. Instead of tiered accounts with varying commissions, we offer optimal trading conditions to all clients, regardless of their initial capital. It's about simplicity and inclusivity. Our recent recognitions, including "Best Customer Service 2023" in Africa, "Best Trading Conditions 2023" in Southeast Asia, and "Best Multi-Asset CFD Broker 2023" in MENA, reaffirm our commitment to excellence.

How does RaiseFX cater to the diverse needs of traders with its extensive product catalogue?

DB: RaiseFX stands out with a portfolio of over 500 assets to trade from, offering multiple trading opportunities. Whether you're into forex trading, cryptocurrencies, metals, indices, or stocks, our unified trading platform ensures accessibility. This extensive product catalogue, coupled with an attractive leverage of up to 500/1, caters to intraday traders, scalpers, swing traders, and those seeking diversified strategies.

In conclusion, what message would you like to convey to traders considering RaiseFX? Any last announcements before we wrap this up?

DM: Whether you're a seasoned trader or newcomer, a Partner (i.e., Introducing Broker, Educator, Affiliate), or a talent working for the competition, know that RaiseFX is here to empower you with the tools and conditions needed to unlock your full trading potential. At RaiseFX, we are dedicated to providing a secure, user-friendly, and inclusive trading environment. Our singular trading offer, international presence, and regulatory excellence position us as a reliable partner for traders globally.

DB: Three words: 'Raise My Funds'. We are a few weeks away from inviting funded traders to embark on a transformative journey with our very own prop firm. Whether you're an experienced contestant or a novice, this new prop firm is designed to leverage strategic partnerships and advanced technology.

Get ready for an era where transparency and fairness redefine prop trading, where your success is ours.