Finvasia Group’s social trading and investing firm ZuluTrade has recently launched its enhanced Social Intelligence Platform. The innovation comes as an overhaul of its existing social trading and wealth management platform.

Capitalising on the social element of investing and managing wealth, ZuluTrade’s revamped social intelligence platform displays a host of features, including:

Seamless onboarding experience - using ZuluTrade’s platform, newcomers to the social trading can simply create a new account or link their existing MT4, MT5, XOH, ActTrader or Match-Trader account to ZuluTrade and start copy trading in minutes, regardless of the broker they are registered with. This is what makes ZuluTrade a truly broker and platform-agnostic infrastructure, unique in the industry.

An upgraded Social Feed - allowing users to upload their photos and videos and share their ideas, market news and more, as well as react to each others’ posts. This serves as the “single source of truth” for Investors to evaluate Leaders in the ZuluTrade community, providing valuable insights about strategies, trending markets and events.

A new Subscription Plan - eliminating transaction and volume-based platform fees. In line with Finvasia’s philosophy to generate economies of scale, ZuluTrade created a yearned-for transparent and value-driven upgrade. This new plan introduces a monthly $10 subscription fee/Leader (copied Strategy) for Investors. With this plan, Investors can copy any Leader’s Strategy they desire and enjoy exclusive discounts by choosing quarterly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions.

Additionally, Investors holding a trading account with one of ZuluTrade’s Integrated or selected Co-branded Brokers* can copy any Leader’s strategy free of charge. Thanks to these strategic partnerships, ZuluTrade can now offer its clients a smoother investing journey by relieving investors of subscription fee payments and transferring these to partner brokers, according to their agreement.

Investors can access a complete list of ZuluTrade partner brokers (Integrated and Co-branded) upon sign-up. Furthermore, copy traders registered with a broker that is not on this list, can sign up with the platform and request access to ZuluTrade copy trading services by simply sharing their brokerage account details.

*Integrated and Co-branded Brokers are part of ZuluTrade’s ecosystem of financial service providers, with different regimes and offerings. Integrated Brokers cover the cost of the monthly subscription fee. With Integrated Brokers, strategies will always be available free of charge. Accounts with this type of brokers can be opened and managed directly from ZuluTrade platform.

Comparatively, Co-branded Brokers are partner brokers who might or might not give free social trading (as the $10 monthly fees is either covered by the broker or by the investor). Also, users will have to open the account independently at the broker site and then come to ZuluTrade to connect his account. More information to follow soon.

The opportunity to “Become a Leader” - as its name suggests, this option gives investors the opportunity to become Leaders, provided they have a ZuluTrade linked trading account. At a single click of a button, users can make their account public and start earning rewards for providing strategies/trade ideas/signals that other members of the community follow and copy.

Platform-agnostic attributes - this “platform agnosticism” is the hallmark of ZuluTrade’s social wealth management ecosystem, acclaimed for its capability to enable users to freely swap between any platform of their choice, be it MT4, MT5, ActTrader, XOH or Match-Trader, all of which can be accessed via ZuluTrade’s terminal by simply entering their platform credentials.

Improved “Manual Trade” functionality - coming as an upgrade of the existing manual trading capabilities that ZuluTrade already provides, this technological tweak gives traders more control over their actions in the sense that they can more easily “switch inputs between units, lot size, or investment amount in [their] base currency (trade margin),” according to a ZuluTrade website statement. Thanks to this simplicity, traders can more conveniently set up their Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels.

What’s more, ZuluTrade Social Intelligence Platform brings a new Watchlist - which enables users to keep track of their favourite Leaders/Strategies or assets, as the case may be. A simple click on the “Star” icon next to the asset or Strategy name adds the items to the Watchlist.

Another innovative feature is the Risk Score attributed to each Leader available on ZuluTrade’s platform. Ranging from 1 (lowest risk) to 5 (highest risk), the Risk Score cues potential investors about the probability of a Leader strategy’s success, failure and aggressive investment model, based on the assets traded and method used by the Leader (scalping, hedging, etc.). Doing so, it empowers investors to tally their options with confidence and make informed decisions, according to their risk tolerance and financial goals.

In addition, the platform’s Simulator allows investors to test any Leader’s Strategy before investing. While this decision-support feature is not entirely new, it adds to the platform’s capabilities, empowering investors to take control of their investments and build wealth.

From a B2B perspective, the social intelligence platform brings a comprehensive value proposition for Leaders and Affiliates, who can access a comprehensive set of guides and resources to get started.

Revamped platform, enhanced website, more opportunities

Already live, the upgraded platform is accompanied by a fresh, enhanced website. With a sleek design preserving the traditional ZuluTrade orange and white colour scheme, the website offers a smooth navigation and an immersive experience.

At the simple click of a button, one can access Leader profiles, Markets, Tools, Community (Social Feed) and company updates, grouped under the “About” tab.

Each page is clearly structured, providing a single view of ZuluTrade’s offering - from Strategies to tradeable assets, including Forex and CFDs on Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities and Indices, to community insights, tools, such as guides for Investors, Leaders and Affiliates, blog, Knowledge Crunch, market news and more.

“The world is more and more driven by community and shared knowledge, we at ZuluTrade feel creating communities that can help each other and as a result creating an environment of mutual trust where everyone benefits by being a part of the community. With the revamped ZuluTrade Social Intelligence Platform, we are extending a world of possibilities to our community. As we continue to grow across borders, it was a much needed and natural change,” Tajinder Virk, CEO at ZuluTrade, said.

Bringing everything under one umbrella solution, this community-powered social wealth management platform leverages the community and social aspect of investing and trading, allowing everyone to build wealth in a more engaging way.

ZuluTrade is regulated in the EU, Mauritius, South Africa and Japan. For more information and updates about upcoming product releases or company news, visit their website.