Give or take.

You know, I still have a chuckle over finding out that one of her first, that Adam covered, went on for nearly 6 hours. I shouldn’t tempt fate by laughing as she’s back on tomorrow in front of the Senate budget committee repeating the same stuff.

So what did we learn?

There’s still some unease noted over the economy, particularly housing and they’re going to be looking deeper into the components of the jobs market, for what good it will do them. Inflation is going to be monitored but we’re still in “anchored” territory. No bubbles, and if there were they probably wouldn’t see them anyway. The US economy trundles on as will the taper and that will only change if things start going south in a big way. That prospect is a long way off from where we are now, despite the jitters over the current GDP numbers. Q2 may change that view though.

Markets have gone “meh” after the initial testimony release but the bond market is still worth keeping an eye on.

Same time, same bat channel tomorrow folks ( well, actually she’s on half an hour earlier tomorrow).