Westpac hiked their home lending rate ... post is here

Follow up post here: Westpac rate hike makes an RBA November rate cut more likely

Then, another follow up post: Macquarie on Westpac rate hike today, Nov. RBA rate cut all but sealed

The responses are still coming in ... this in the local press:

Nomura's fixed income strategist for Australia Andrew Ticehurst agrees Westpac's move could encourage similar increases at the other three big lenders.

"Nomura's house view is for a 25 basis point RBA rate cut in February, and not this year.

"But particularly if the other three big lenders follow Westpac's lead, this would of course increase the possibility that the RBA could respond this year," he said.

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Note ... just 'cause WPAC have hike their rate, it doesn't automatically follow the RBA will cut. Even if other banks follow the lead and hike also ... no automatic link to an RBA rate cut. But read what Nomura said, and what I said in the Macquarie post (link above) ... it does add to the possibility of a cut.


Oh, and if this is not enough,,, if you want MOAR ... Business Insider