BOE governor Carney begins his press conference 3 Aug

  • BOE MPC continue to assume smooth transition to average of possible outcomes from Brexit
  • MPC does not think households and businesses know the outcome of Brexit

NSS. The UK doesn't know one day to the next so how the heck so how can the rest of us ?

  • uncertainty about Brexit will weigh on growth
  • process of Brexit is beginning to affect UK economy's supply capacity
  • investment has suffered since Brexit vote
  • weaker consumer spending has dragged on growth
  • global equilibrium interest rate potentially rising

GBPUSD back up to 1.3170 after 1.3140 lows. Expect sellers/res between 1.3180-00

EURGBP back above 0.9000 and holding which should help to cap cable too.

Q&A starting now.

Watch it all live here.

Carney up to the mic at QIR presser